The Optimum CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks

‘CSR Racing’ is one of the most successful titles on iOS and Android. Not only for its visual appearance, which is worth a console first. Also it stands out for its excellent gameplay, for its circuits and the large number of cars and pieces that we have available.

For this reason, we wanted to collect, then the tricks juiciest of ‘CSR Racing 2’, a game developed by NatureMotion. Let’s discover them with our csr racing 2 free¬†cash¬†.

csr racing 2 unlimited gold

perfect start

Do not keep the throttle down before the countdown starts. Keep pressing the accelerated gently until the time when the start of the race arrives. You’ll know when this happens while the change indicator will turn green. Then immediately release the throttle and push it thoroughly when the countdown reaches’ 1’para get a perfect start.

Car dealership

At the beginning of the game will not let the car dealership fool you, you will be able to purchase cars later with coins when they have unlocked their level.

Immediate delivery of vehicles and spare parts

Go to ‘Settings’ and then’ General’y ‘Date & Time’ selection. Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and then choose the “Set Date & Time ‘option. If now you set the time one hour forward you get immediate delivery of vehicles and parts.

Reload races

Go to ‘General’ and select ‘Date & Time’. Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and then choose the “Set Date & Time ‘option. Set the time forward a day to update racing immediately.

A lot of gold

To do this you must first purchase an upgrade that has to be imported into cash. Then when you are asked if you want ‘Wait’ or ‘Import Immediately’ changes to ‘Settings’ and set the date forward a month and return to the RSE. If you now select ‘Import Immediately’ will get 8000 Gold.