FIFA 17 tricks, penalties, fouls, coins and more – Guide

With these tricks FIFA 17 you will learn to perform the so-called “safe goal” to dominate penalties, launches faults, to get more coins and get all the trophies.

The soccer game from EA Sports is already among us, and certainly more than one wants toget one hundred percent of the game and also know all its secrets. That ‘s what we’re here to collect the best tricks of FIFA 17 appeared so far, with guides to master every aspect of the field and to be able to get all the trophies.

FIFA 17 tricks and guides

Recently it discovered a trick of FIFA 17 that virtually assures score a goal forever, that we aregoing to count, but as we always say with this type of content is better not bear to practice to avoid further problems between the community, the end is better than all legally juguemos. Astuce FIFA 17

With the other elements that you can avail itself whatever you want, and we will teach you to throw penalties and mistakes as you want. Having changed the system, we understand that more than one is struggling to get used to these new systems shots.

We are going to also give some tips to get save more coins, which always come so well in the Ultimate Team game mode. With these tricks FIFA 17 you will obtain leverage over your time in the game to be profitable when get coins and save the maximum possible, which is not that it is a form too lenient for those who choose not to spend real money.

Goal secured

As we have said before, this trick of FIFA 17 can be done now but we do not recommend. Try at least not do it against other players, because in the end spoil it a little community of players to complete. Similarly, we assume that EA Sports will finish with a patch solved sooner rather than later.

This trick of FIFA 17 was discovered by British youtuber Kosh, whose video we let you down, because it is the easiest way to understand how to do it. How it is performed? We need to go to the bottom line clear field, focus the area while pressing L2 or LT and top. The goalkeeper will make a strange move and almost always convert this maneuver on goal.

Penalty shootout

Penalties from FIFA 17 have undergone a very important renovation in the delivery of this year, therefore it will be better that we dominate them in the best possible way, so that we do not lose the advantage that provides us the maximum penalty in sport King.

The first thing we will have to adjust is the starting position, which we can now modify. With the right stick we go back a few steps further or advance, which will have a direct effect on the power with which will make the final shot. If we want that the ball comes out with power, it is located the player further and otherwise if you want to be the other way round. FIFA 17 Hack

On penalties from FIFA 17 we can also control the run the footballer takes place just prior to shoot on goal. Speed control it with the left stick, and can even make a mythical paradiña to confuse the opponent. How do you do it? In a very simple way: in full run, press L2 or LT button and the player will do so automatically. To make a shot with power, we must hold the button R2 or RT during our run.

To aim accurately, you need practical, so get some test shots. As in previous years, the more time the most likely direction button is pressed will be that we throw the ball outside the goal.


It is also important to dominate the faults of FIFA 17, who this year have returned to change.Will not have the same overwhelming effect that with penalties, but it’s always well know dominate this feature of the game, which at any time can provide us the victory.

As in the case of penalties, FIFA 17 failures also allow to modify the initial position. As in the previous, changes position depending on how you want to make the shot. To know what is the best decision, nothing better to know own football player charged with failure. How much power do you have? Does what such placement? Take a look at your stats and decides.

The shots are important and we can make them in different ways, in addition to the normal. If we want to go out with effect, we must hold down the circle button or (B); If we want a powerful shot, you hold down the button L1 or LB.

Advantages of Having Your BTD5 Hacked

btd5 hackedWhen it comes to playing and winning in the game of Bloons tower defense 5, you really need lots of mochicoins to help you buy game upgrades that are essential in eliminating stubborn bloons. The game basically has to do with eliminating different bloons as they appear. Bear in mind that there are some that proves to be more difficult and challenging to destroy than others.

For example, the red bloon is known to be the easiest to destroy with just one pop it’s gone for good! But that usually is not the case with other types of bloons like the rainbow which moves at an alarmingly fast speed compared to the red thus making it super difficult and hard to destroy.

What You can Gain From Using BTD5 Hacked Application

The very first benefit of using a btd5 hacked application is an unlimited amount of coins. These are very essential in winning the Bloons tower defense 5 game.

The second benefit that can accrue to anyone using this modified version of the game app is that the person won’t be spending any money to acquire these coins. If you are a passionate gamer, then you already know the importance of coins in different mobile games. You also know that most these coins and other game resources are acquired by buying them with your real money. So with the help of this modified version of the bloons tower defense game, you get to keep your money while collecting as money coins as you desire.

Now that we have seen the benefits that this type of APK file can accrue to those people downloading, installing and taking full advantage of it, let’s now dive into the different method we can utilize to have this app downloaded and installed on our mobile phones.

How to Get BTD5 Hacked Application

To begin taking full advantage of this edited software, you will need to first download it to your mobile phone. But to be able to download it to your gadgets, you first need to find out where it is being hosted. Finding where it is currently hosted and downloading it is what we are about to teach you in this section of this article. So sit back and relax.

You first have to type in some search queries that has to do with the app and then peruse the different webpages that Google returns. Once you have found a suitable one that has the mentioned file hosted on their site, click the download link to begin downloading the file instantly. Once the download is completed, make sure you run it through an antivirus application to ensure that it is not infected with a virus. Once you have completed the scan and confirmed that the file is clean its then time to install it and begin playing the game with unrestricted access to coins and other resources that the game has to offer.

The Optimum CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks

‘CSR Racing’ is one of the most successful titles on iOS and Android. Not only for its visual appearance, which is worth a console first. Also it stands out for its excellent gameplay, for its circuits and the large number of cars and pieces that we have available.

For this reason, we wanted to collect, then the tricks juiciest of ‘CSR Racing 2’, a game developed by NatureMotion. Let’s discover them with our csr racing 2 free cash .

csr racing 2 unlimited gold

perfect start

Do not keep the throttle down before the countdown starts. Keep pressing the accelerated gently until the time when the start of the race arrives. You’ll know when this happens while the change indicator will turn green. Then immediately release the throttle and push it thoroughly when the countdown reaches’ 1’para get a perfect start.

Car dealership

At the beginning of the game will not let the car dealership fool you, you will be able to purchase cars later with coins when they have unlocked their level.

Immediate delivery of vehicles and spare parts

Go to ‘Settings’ and then’ General’y ‘Date & Time’ selection. Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and then choose the “Set Date & Time ‘option. If now you set the time one hour forward you get immediate delivery of vehicles and parts.

Reload races

Go to ‘General’ and select ‘Date & Time’. Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and then choose the “Set Date & Time ‘option. Set the time forward a day to update racing immediately.

A lot of gold

To do this you must first purchase an upgrade that has to be imported into cash. Then when you are asked if you want ‘Wait’ or ‘Import Immediately’ changes to ‘Settings’ and set the date forward a month and return to the RSE. If you now select ‘Import Immediately’ will get 8000 Gold.


Unique unlimited working asphalt hack

Asphalt 8 is one of the games; you must either invest much time or money in. Because most people are not really this time, we have created this unique unlimited working asphalt 8 hack that you can use to add everything you need in the game. Below you will find the features of this tool, you will see that it will be able to generate as much tokens and other stuffs free. Credits are the regular in game for asphalt currency, you can actually get a lot by simply playing the game, but to give you the benefit of the extra speed and the ability to build what you want I offer this unique asphalt 8 hack that is able to add an infinite amount of the free goodies to your account. The second and very expensive currency is star, which is essentially important. To get it, you have to pay real money, and because we do not want to pay real money for a small application like this I use the hack for free.

asphalt 8 hack tool

All you have to do is connect your phone Android or iOS to your computer, or open your game and connect to the tool. To do this, select if you are on android, iOS, and after that press the Connect button. It should load a few seconds and finally to connect to your phone / browser. After the hack is connected to feel free to use the functionality and add desired amount of credits and stars to your game.

It is also free of viruses; you can check for yourself by clicking on the link below Virus total and check it out. The coders created this hack tool, because it was requested to make it easier to manage the city, build a beautiful infrastructure and improve the gaming experience. You can even win all challenges, win all the awards and unlock all achievements simply using our tool to generate the amount of items in the application you need. In other words: The hack provides the perfect complement to your game and since there are more than one million players per day to play on their Android, Mac and PC, we have done our job of the tool on all these devices and platforms.

Now, what are you waiting for, get a little more information below about this asphalt hack tool for credits, tokens without spending money real or spending in expectation of something days to be completed. And do not worry about your account, we made this Hack tool not only free, but also safe to use.


Clash Royale tips and tricks for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Phones. In this article we will show some tips and tricks that are particularly aimed at beginners. In the coming days we declare more references tips for professionals and go in particular provide the characters and their properties. We will also help active players find the right strategy for themselves. One already anticipated: Clash Royale is a great game that is much more complex than it first appears.


Clash Royale will probably occupy us for weeks and months. Therefore, we loaded this game and play it intensively. Currently the following are planned for the game, but it will certainly be even more.


Tips and tricks are in such a game, of course, most welcome, especially since the new release of Publisher Supercell has the potential to break records. We have already presented the title briefly in a first game test and are in a second contribution explicitly on the issues cheats and hacks received.The new game is a real-time PVP, compete with the players around the world against each other.With the right strategy and our advice even beginners will be able to win the battles.


The game offers the user two options: Either he has an incredibly good map in hand, or waiting for the first train of the opponent. In many situations, and also in the opening game, is good nerves are paying off. Often there are many advantages to wait for the first train of the opponent, and then to respond to this clever. Blind to play straight on, so bring precious little.

clash royale cheats and tips

The strategy game provides with the records of all wonderful ways to improve your game. It is therefore advisable to look at after a game record. Faults can be discovered, developed strengths and weaknesses are eradicated. The game requires a lot of time by the user, at least when it wants to win. TV Royale is therefore a terrific learning method.


Entry into the wonderful world of Clash Royale should first deal with the defensive game elements.It’s easier to win with a good defense, as to force the victory by attacking. The player should always have its towers and troops in mind. Most opponents try to win with good maps formally enforce. If the player has a splendid defense, bounce off the attacks and the game is more or less recovered. Clash Royale Cheats


Knowledge is power – Royale this old truism applies likewise. The fact that the game requires a lot of time by the player, we had already mentioned. The right strategy must be found and, just as important, the cards will be met. Only in this way, the player can select his perfect cover what to do by the way also the basis of personal preference. Also, there will always be some very strong cards.Great, but the right mix in the deck brings victory.


Here the first two tips for the active game. There are many more tips and tricks come in future articles, but these two we have already tested themselves. In injury time, the player who destroyed the first tower wins. Although this is risky, but can be used to their advantage. Also own towers can be particularly well protected if one rings erected several buildings around which. This distracts the opponent, and difficult access to the tower.

CSR Racing 2 cheats

Know readers already more tips and tricks for the game? Then they can be happy in the comments below the article or in our Clash Royale Forum are posted.

This item is part of a series of contributions to the strategy game from Supercell. Use the links below the next and the previous article can be accessed.