Clean Your Way To A More Focused Acoustic Guitar Learning

The best place for you to practice playing acoustic guitar is that place where you spend most of your time. Most often, we feel we are at our very best in doing something in our own comfort zones.

When learning how to play the best acoustic guitar, concentration is needed and the best way to be collected is of course where you feel most comfortable in. If a music room is unavailable, usually, the living room or your own bedroom would be the most suitable.


Since concentration is needed, the condition of the environment you are bent on learning how to play the guitar must also be assessed. In times like these, distractions are not welcomed.

Though you might not notice it, but an uncluttered practice room leads to a more productive acoustic guitar session. A neat environment without all the distractions will lead you to a more focused practice and learning session.

Sometimes, our guitar gets buried with all the other important stuffs that we have that that we entirely forget about it. If your want to bring it to the forefront, whether for formal practice or just passing time, you have to reorganize your bedroom, or wherever it is that you plan to learn playing guitar.

Here are some ways to be focused while playing:

  1. Organize all the clutters. Get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore. A neat room that is practically arranged will refresh your mind and get in the mood to play your favorite tunes.
  2. Make sure that your guitar is visible the minute you walk in the room. If you don’t see it often, there’s a tendency that you will forget about it. Set it up in a cozy place that will make you want to pick it up and play.
  3. Get all your other guitar-related stuff prominently displayed, such as your music sheets, music stand and the picture of your favorite acoustic guitar artist. Don’t forget to include your pick, capo and tuner and strings. Put along your CD player too. You might want to play along with the music.
  4. Follow a schedule for your practice sessions, much the same way you schedule your other routines.
  5. And lastly, arrange everything within eye level so that they get noticed.

Making space for your acoustic guitar is actually a conscious effort to ensure that you allocate time for your playing, either to improve your playing or just for pleasure.

By doing this, you really don’t lose anything. In fact, you get a lot of benefits from having a uncluttered practice room, and all that wonderful time you spend strumming your acoustic guitar.

Container Gardening For Small Spaces

You can create a beautiful garden using containers for a small space outdoors and indoors by using a variety of containers.

These are great videos on container gardens.Watch these videos on container gardening, including herb gardening and starting your herb garden indoors! Great ‘How to’ videos!

Container gardening is perfect for small spaces, balconies, or spruce up an area in your yard or patio that needs a little color or greenery. This also works indoors on a window sill or on a planter stand in front of a window. I use all sorts of containers from large glass jars and vases, to some whimsical containers like colorful old cookie tins.

This is perfect for the beginner gardener, (or the advanced avid gardener) these easy to make garden containers can be used anywhere. Look around your home to see what you already have to work with that will act as a container.

You’ll find some cool ideas here for your plants and you might get inspired to create your own planters. As far as what to plant anything goes, from perennials, to herbs, to veggies.

Don’t have a ‘green thumb’? Don’t like weeding a garden, but want the beauty of having a garden? This is a great way to garden, especially if you’re working with a small area.

One Of My Favorite Planters:

3 tier planter ideal for small spaces, or to give a vertical garden look…this is great for growing tomatoes, or vegetables, herbs and of course perennials and annuals.

Container Gardening Ideas:

Stacked Containers or Vertical Containers? Stacking containers or planter pots one on top of the other is a great way to add height and to create a vertical style container.

Gather your containers ranging from the largest container, or planter pot, to the medium sized containers – right to the smallest container that you will have at the very top of your ‘garden’

Decide what you want to plant. Do you want to do plants? Or herbs…or veggies? You could plant perennials as well, or a mixture of plants and herbs.

There is no rule that says you can’t do all, or that it has to be one type or the other. It’s up to you.

This is all to give you ideas in what can be done and how to create a container garden, or a variety of container gardens depending on how much space you do have.

Here’s That Awesome Container:

These are a few of my favorites. A great place to start for MORE Gardening in Containers, including great containers.

You can use these in groups, or use them wherever you need to add a little vegetable garden or some beautiful flowers.
A great vertical garden idea. This looks great with one on either side of your balcony, and works beautifully on a deck.

What I like about this is that you can actually create a privacy wall by using a few of them lined up along side of one another.

Stacking Pots: Planter pots, clay pots, or any other container

You can use clay pots like the ones in the above picture, or get creative and use a variety of different types and colors of containers.

You can punch or poke a few holes in just about any ‘container’
The key is to keep the largest ones and most solid container at the bottom to support the other that you will be stacking.

Don’t do a wimpy plastic one at the bottom no matter how big it is, if you’re going to be placing a heavy clay pot on to it – if it sits near the edge where it will balance you don’t want the bottom or sides of the plastic to bend, crack or break.

You can use long rectangular shapes, and place round pots on top. They can be of different shapes, length, and height.
The simply need to balance, and there needs to be enough room for whatever you have planted at the bottom to grow and fill out.

Creative Container Gardening

Get creative and mix up your plants! What a great idea to use an old ‘barrel’! Get creative with your planters and creative with your plants.

Don’t know what to plant? Here are some ideas:

  1. Go for the variety! Succulents like ‘Hens and Chicks’ mixed in the color of an annual…through in a taller perennial…maybe a herb of wispy looking dill at the top…
  2. Perennials and annuals together are great as it often takes a bit of time for the perennial to ‘fill’ out and grow…planting an annual along side of a perennial will give you immediate color, or greenery.
  3. Unless you can dig up a nice chunk of a favorite perennial that you may have in your yard (or if you can get some from a friend or neighbor) then it takes a little longer for that perennial to look as great as it does in the little pic that comes with the purchase you made at your garden center.
  4. Annuals tend to fill in quicker, although the great thing about perennials is that they do spread and you can replant them again…you can even bring many indoors over the winter…some annuals do well indoors as well over the winter…

I have some great lime green and white coleus plants that I have been growing and cutting back, re-growing new ones once they root after being in a glass of water for a bit!

The cultural uses of plant aromatics in ancient and modern times

Aromatherapy is shamanism for everyone. (Schnaubelt 1999, p. vii). Aromatherapy means different things to different people. Popular conceptions vary, despite the best efforts of professional organizations to promote it as a therapeutic modality. Some associate it with an aromatic massage, while many in spas and the beauty industry consider it to be a relaxing or rejuvenating aesthetic treatment. Many understand that involve the use of fragrant plant extracts — yet to some this simply means the use of naturally perfumed personal care products. Some aroma therapists will insist that aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline based on the belief that odor affects the state of mind. Many aroma therapists who are attracted to a biomedical approach might view aromatherapy as a branch of herbal medicine or as aromatic medicine in its own right. A growing number of therapists are exploring the energetic aspects of best essential oil diffuser, and using ancient philosophical traditions to provide a new context for their practices.

A look at aromatherapy’s historical roots and evolution will help to explain these anomalies. Aromatherapy’s origins are inseparable from those of perfumery, as aromatic plants were used in both religious ceremonies and for personal use and adornment, long before recorded history. So this is a fitting place to start, before continuing to look at the development of modern aromatherapy from its inception in France in the 1930s.

The use of fragrance certainly dates from pre-Egyptian times, preceding 5000 c. Since antiquity, scented flowers have been used for personal adornment. This long history of use is possibly grounded in the concept that the sense of smell is a form of communication in all species.
Other very early uses of plant aromatics were as incenses — sandalwood, cinnamon bark, calamus root, and resins such as myrrh, frankincense and benzoin were burned to release fragrant smoke and vapors. These aromatic incenses were used in religious ritual and ceremony. The root of the word ‘perfume’ is per fumum, the 1atin expression meaning ‘through smoke’; incense provided a link between the mundane and the divine. At an early stage it would have been recognized that different fragrances would elicit different effects on moods, feelings and states of mind during ritual practices. From this a tradition of using specific aromatics or combinations for specific purposes would have gradually developed.

In 1975 Paolo Rovesti (1902—1983), a chemist and pharmacist who became known as the ‘father of phytocosmetics’, discovered a terracotta distillation apparatus in the Indus valley, West Pakistan, which dates from around 3000 BC. Therefore we do know that the process of distillation was known as early as 3000 BC., and that the art and science of perfumery were well developed in ancient and Dynastic Egypt. A considerable array of aromatic products was available and was used for many purposes other than perfumery, including embalming the dead.

In Ancient Rome, perfumery was based on Greek practice, and further developed. Roman perfumers were afforded great respect, and even entire quarters of towns were populated by perfumery practices. By the time of Nero, aromatics were used extensively and extravagantly. Creativity, innovation and also an element of excess characterised Roman perfumery, and the strong links between scent and eroticism were also exploited. The Romans used many of the aromatic plants whose essential oils play an important role in current aromatherapy practice, including rosemary, sage, peppermint, aniseed, pepper and the more exotic floral oils of neroli, rose and jasmine. Herodotus was the first to write about the process of distilling turpentine from pine resin, and many other matters pertaining to the use of perfumes. After the fall of the Roman Empire the use of perfumes declined.

Islamic culture has a crucial role in the evolution of perfumery and aromatherapy. Circa 600 AD the Muslims were scholars and travelers, assimilating the knowledge of all the cultures they encountered. The eighth-century Persian pharmacist Jabir ibn Hayyan (the westernized name given was Geber) developed distillation processes for the production of aromatic waters, and by the thirteenth century these aromatic waters were widely used as medicines and perfumes. Ironically, the tiny droplets of an oily substance that floated on the surface of the distillation waters were regarded as impurities, and routinely discarded. This was, in fact, the essential oil. In the tenth century the Persian physician lbn Cina (Avicenna) made wide use of distillation and indeed was initially credited as the first to do this. He certainly does appear to have invented steam distillation specifically for the preparation of rosewater and other scented floral waters.
Meanwhile, developments in Europe were taking place that also had an impact on the growth of the essential oil industry. Around 11 50 AD the condenser was developed. As its name suggests, the purpose of the condenser was to condense the hot vapors of distillation, making the entire process more ancient, and the subsequent realization of the nature and value of essential oils was the consequence.
Italy was the first European country to make perfumes with these essential oils, closely followed by Spain and Portugal. The perfume industry grew as new aromatic materials were introduced from newly discovered America. France had a perfumery industry by the thirteenth century. The area in the south, around Grasse, became renowned for the cultivation and extraction of flowers such as rose, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa and jonquil. Other areas of cultivation of aromatic

plants became well established, notably Sicily for its citrus oils, Calabria for bergamot and southern Spain for citrus crops and herbs such as sage, rosemary and thyme.
Perfumery arrived in the British Isles with the Romans. However, the practice was slow to develop, and did not become popular until the time of Queen Elizabeth I, when fragrance became available in the forms of pomanders and incense; rosewater, too, became more widely available. Pharmaceutical chemists in England then began to distil aromatic waters of lavender, elderflower and rosemary. However, perfumery in England was not really established until after the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. By 1750, peppermint was being produced commercially in Mitcham, Surrey.
These aromatic materials also had pharmaceutical uses. Animal-derived aromatics, such as moschus (musk), were used as antispasmodics, and ambergris (a secretion of the whale) was used as an antispasmodic for the bowel and bronchial tubes, and as a nervine, narcotic, hypnotic and aphrodisiac. The aromatic lavender plant yielded oleum lavandulac, which was used as a stimulant and nervine in conditions such as headache and hysteria. Other aromatic balsams were used for apoplexy. So it can be seen that, although essential oils were originally produced for perfumery, they also very quickly found their way into pharmaceutical industry.
Modern use of essential oils and aromatic plant extracts for therapeutic purposes is based on long and varied traditional practices. However, this falls short of explaining how the discipline of aromatherapy actually came into being.


Here we are discussing about the best sewing machine for beginners. The choice of fabric is a very important part of a successful project. As well as looking at the colour and pattern of the fabric, always feel it as well, to see how it handles. Learn to best sewing machine for beginners distinguish between fabrics with body, which will give shape to the item, and stiff fabrics, which may be treated with a dressing that will wash out, leaving them limp and creased. On lightweight fabrics, hold up a length to check that it will gather and hang well, making sure it is a “fine” fabric as opposed to a flimsy one! Check to see what the fabric looks like when it is creased by screwing up a corner and then releasing it. If in doubt, look and feel a fabric that has been used in a ready- made item to see how it suits its purpose. There have many best sewing machine for beginners and it will hep you to learn the following.



Cotton One of the most versatile and popular fabrics, cotton is ideal for the projects shown in this article. A natural fabric made from the hairs that cover the seed pod of the cotton plant, it is available in light to medium weights.

Cotton fabrics handle well, do not fray easily and respond well to pressing. There are many different types of cotton fabrics, as they vary according to their weave and finish. Some of the most popular cotton fabrics include gingham, chambray, poplin, denim, chintz, drill, ticking, cambric and calico. Lighter-weight cottons include lawn and voile, both of which can be used for lightweight curtains.


Another beautiful natural fabric, silk is made from the pupae of the silkworm. Its inherent properties enable it to absorb dyes easily. This ability, together with its natural sheen, produces a wonderful range of deep, strong colours that cannot be achieved in other fabrics. Silk will crease a little more easily than cotton, but it presses well. Silk fabrics are prone to fraying and can be slippery to handle, SO a beginner who wants to use them is advised to start with a very simple project. Silk dupion is a lightweight silk with a reasonably firm handle. It has an uneven stub weave that is part of its charm. Silk organza is very lightweight and sheer.




Made from sheep’s wool, woolen fabric can be woven in many ways, creating a range of fabrics varying from fine wool challis to thick, hairy tweed. Woolen fabrics are generally warm, resist fraying and handle well. These fabrics are used mainly for clothing.


Linen fabrics are made from the fibres of the flax plant, and are woven into light- to medium-weight fabrics. Most linen resists fraying and handle well, but are prone to creasing by virtue of the fabric’s natural character. That said, the gorgeous sheen of linen is often thought to offset this drawback.

Man-made fabrics Man-made fabrics are made from either chemicals or reformed cellulose, and include polyester, nylon and rayon. Some of these fabrics are slippery and crease easily, while others, like polyester, are very crease- resistant. Man-made fibres are often mixed with natural fibres to produce a fabric possessing the best qualities of both fabrics. For example, polyester cotton voile has all the advantages of cotton together with the crease resistance of polyester.

Choosing Threads Threads are used for both hand- and machine-stitching. There are various types of threads on the market; choose according to fabric, permanence and personal preference.

Tacking thread

Tacking thread is a loosely twisted cotton thread used only for temporary tacking, as it is not strong enough for permanent stitching. Some cheap tacking threads can deposit pinpricks of loose dye onto light fabrics, so be careful when using these threads.



Cotton thread

Cotton thread is a fine, mercerized thread that is used for hand- and machine stitching, usually on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and woolen fabrics.

Polyester thread

This is a popular, multipurpose type of thread that can be used on all types of fabrics. It is strong and comes in a wide range of colours. It is used for both hand- and machine stitching.

Silk thread

Silk thread is a fine, yet strong thread that can be used for both hand- and machine stitching. It is used commonly on silk and wool fabrics, and for hand-stitched buttonholes on finer fabrics.

Bold thread

Sometimes called buttonhole twist, bold thread is a strong, thick thread that is used mainly for hand-stitching when extra strength is required. It is also used for hand-stitching buttonholes on heavier-weight garments.


Installment Loan: Purpose Serving

What Is an Installment Loan:  It’s a kind of loan when a borrower gets a sum of money and pays back that adding interest in fixed installments for a limited time. It is generally called individual loan. This kind of loan can be used in some unfixed fields according to one’s need. This loan can be secured or unsecured.

At the term of secured installment loan, you have to guarantee a car or house for paying it off. If you fail to pay it off with interest, the lender can seize the car or your house to get the payment. Only for this, this is a less risky loan and the lender allows loan to a borrower easily even in lower interest.

In the term of unsecured loan, generally the interest goes to a higher point. You don’t lose your asset but sure to lose your credit in default of paying the payable money.

 Installment Loan: A Bad Credit

It is generally known as the bad credit loan but only for some avoidable reasons. They have not reached to the installment borrowers with clear concept and often the borrowers are compelled to accept the terms of predatory lenders and the result has come out as the failure of the borrowers. Unfortunately, the borrowers can’t cope with the harder system of installment loan for their personal burden.

 Tips on Shopping Installment Loan

Let me share my key knowledge on the way to avoid rapacious lenders and also some additional tips to get the best installment loan from trustworthy resources:

  1. Shop Around You

Actually, installment loans are not so tight to get it; you can get offer from banks, credit unions or from online lenders. So, places are available including short terms or no credit check lenders that may offer even auto title loans. It must be a work of good decision to ask the lender party what installment loan they can manage for you. You may ask for more options from them to take a final decision.

  1. The Issue of Credit Card

If you like to consider your expenses, you will be clear that using credit card you are going to expense less money than taking an ‘installment loan’. But, the wise thing to consider is the two options with a hair-splitting explanation.

  1. Target the Shortest Term

There are some terms of repayment the money. In some institution, you will get only two terms but you may need more options. So, you will be able to get up to five options to your convenience. But, I would suggest you to take the shortest term of repayment not to lose more money.

How to Avoid Predatory Lenders

Lenders are same in behavior to the borrowers to loan their money. Their eyes like to see the amassed money; they like confirmation of pay back the money with interest in the fixed given day; they are interested to lend their money for a squat time. Here I would like to add some tips to avoid these kinds of risky installment loan:

·         Avoid those lenders who like to push you for renewal the loan. They just like to get more interest from people and entangle them with loans. They don’t like you but like your money to go into their pocket.

·         Avoid any insurance add-on. This is a policy that can’t protect you in fact but ensure the lender to get their payment right way.

·         Learn clearly the conditions- some gluttonous lenders may claim you some advance money to make you confirm for the loan but the right lenders who are actually take it a profession-would not want any advance to qualify the loan without checking your credit history or financial information.

·         Avoid all high pressure lender- they won’t be a good man in the long run. You may feel pressure to borrow more money than you need, you must take it an omen of bad loan because the lender will make you obliged to renew the loan.

If you are badly in loan for such kind of loan, you may take it for serving your purpose. But, you should know that people are ready to make their interest only from you around your surroundings. Let you be wise enough to step down not to make another harm at your crucial point of life.

Let’s discuss some important kitchen cookware

For best and easiest cooking its quiet important to dig out the best high quality and multipurpose kitchen essentials that provide the most value of your time and money.

Let’s discuss some important kitchen cookware, apparatus:

Chef’s Knife

Simple but most needed for cooking almost all of the dishes. Conferring to some tests they varies from price points and designs where on the other hand Wusthof 8 inch chef’s knife is just significant. Not only its fabulous design but also it’s flawlessly suitable for faster cooking, simpler storage, and easier clear-out than a set of low class knives which can make your work messy.

Mixing Bowls

What can b more useful than good mixing bowl set? With its multipurpose functionality you can beat up a sauce, marinate meat, serve anything, and store leftovers! Those glass bowls won’t absorb stains or make odor so you can easily make a good impression just with a simple glass bowl.

Small and medium Saucepan

Whether it is small or medium one they are both flawless for your rapid cooking .Those minor one’s can be really good for attending your purpose. For saucepan you can have option of using high quality or lower cost product.

Stainless Steel Skillet

As a skillet used very often it’s important you choose the best one for your kitchen. More importantly it should be long lasting and of good quality so that food can be evenly cooked. You also have option for skillet also. You can Pick up a high quality one or within the small budget which is absolutely your choice.

Non-stick pan

Now a days the non stick pans are used so frequently that you can’t think of a better option for frying. It is better than the stainless steel pans. Of course it’s not a compulsory option but for good frying you can wish to have one along with the stainless steel skillet.

Sauté Pan

If you want to make your cooking pleasurable a good quality sauté pan can certainly help you in that particular circumstance. It’s also an stress free way of cooking whatever you want. This pans can be a bit costly so if you have a budget problem you can put this on the alternative list. But it’s a recommendation for first-class cooking.

Box Grater

What more can you get from just a one greater than grating cheese, curving or zest vegetables, slice fresh ginger or if you want some fruit. This solid, stainless steel grater of this will let you do so many purposes that you will not even thing of switching into another way of hashing. One superior characteristic about it is you will never have to replace one.

Stirring Spoon

If you want to avoid a messy kitchen choose one spoon that is long lasting and heat resistant. It won’t create any scratch for your cookware, dishwasher safe and easy to hold. Even a simple chef would need a stirring spoon. Nobody just can ignore it. Stirring spoon can be used for multi-purpose also. Best thing is you can choose any color you want and make your kitchen colorful.

Microwave oven

Microwave ovens are commonly known as microwave. If you want to have faster, relaxed and easy cooking there is no alternative to Microwave oven. Not only you can cook food but also you can reheat previously cooked foods. It has temperature control system so you can choose way whether you want to cook slowly or quickly. But they usually do not caramelize food and have some problems with preserving the flavor and the food containing a bit more water than you desire. Now a days there are some microwave in the market which can serve multi-purpose such as grilling, cooking, baking and boiling. So for modern kitchen you can consider it as an essential cookware.

Rice cooker

Formally also known as rice steamer .It’s an electric kitchen appliance which is frequently used now-a-days for cooking rice and also this type of food like Biryani or Palau .Rice cooking needs constant attention if it is cooked traditionally but with a rice cooker people do not need to worry about that. Once you measure rice and correct amount of water the thing you just need to do is waiting for some time. Soon as the rice is cooked it will automatically switch to the “keep warm” cycle. The degree of insulation provided by the casing can also be used to keep cold solids cold. In modern busy life a rice cooker will surely give you some free time and also it can be a very good equipment for your kitchen.

Citrus Juicer

Who doesn’t like lemon juice? But sometime it can be really disgusting to squeeze a lemon or a lime for a long time just to make a glass of juice. Moreover the seed will fall into your juice and your cloths can even get stain when you are using your hand for making juice. But a colorful citrus juices can make your job simple and easy and less time wasting. That saves big amount of time too. So if you are looking for a clean kitchen you can certainly keep that in your list.


A hand whisk fits perfect in the hand do such things as whisking salad dressing, sauces, eggs, desserts and many more other things. If somebody is requiring to bake it can be very useful for making foams. This small thing will take a little space but will help you to manage a lot of cooking preparations.

Gas oven

In traditional cooking gas-oven is typically used everywhere. A normal four burner’s gas oven can make cooking fast and allow cooking of different food at the same time. If you have a rush certainly you can rely on it. Some these gas ovens are lit automatically by the gas knob, so doesn’t require any lighter. The other functions and also price can vary from brand to brand and it’s your choice which one you are going to get for your kitchen.

Vegetable Peeler

Before cooking the preparations can be speed up by a vegetable peeler as you can use it to strip potatoes, carrots, or any other vegetables. It’s a simple equipment for your kitchen but very useful. Although it can’t be used in multi tasking, but this high quality peeler will of course save your time and provide safety in this little working.


A colander is a solid, one piece stainless steel design with no-slip handle which is used for draining pasta or washing vegetables and salads. Especially for hygienic cooking which is good for your health, there are no exception than using this to make sure they are pretty much cleaned up.

Oven Mitts

If you don’t want to burn your hand while cooking in oven, so keep a good pair of oven mitts. It is a must. If you have this then No longer will you need to shawl your hand in a towel or anxiety of the dish is going to slip off from your hand. Oven mitts are modest but it’s colorful and commonly made of silicon integrated with a cotton interior.


They are mainly used for storing ingredients in the fridge so that they stay fresh and you can quickly start your food preparation whenever you want. You can also use it to preserve food. This glass sets are refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe so no need to worry if you are thinking of using it

So, these are some essentials for your kitchen and necessary for your daily cooking. If you are looking for a fresh start for your kitchen obviously you can think of choosing items from here.

Places on earth that looks like heaven

There are places on this earth that you may not aware of but those places looks like a piece of heaven sometime. Let’s have a look on some of those places.

  1. keyhole arch at Pfeiffer beach in California

The Pfeiffer beach allows to se perfect sunset view in California. It’s a famous coastline that gives extraordinary view of sunset. The best part of this beach is keyhole arch. It’s quite a big rock with a hole that looks like a small door. When the sun sets the last light of the day passes through the hole then it seems like lights are coming from heaven. One can enjoy the beyond horizon of extreme beautiful setting of the sun in Pfeiffer beach.

  1. Wisteria Tunnel, Kitakyushu gardens, Fuji, Japan

Wisteria Tunnel, kawachi gardens in Kitakyushu; Fuji, Japan is a heavenly place where beautiful tunnel flower gardens are situated. This tunnel is decorated with natural colorful flowers. This place is about 5 hours away from Tokyo city in high speed train journey. In this flower garden is a home of nearly about 200 flower plants around twenty species. There are flowers in different colors like write, pink, and red, blue, purple and many more colors. It’s a great pleasure especially from the month of April to May. If you ever get a chance to walk in this gardens colorful tunnels you will fell the joy of life and praise the creation of god how beautiful he made this planet.

  1. Painted hill, Oregon

Painted Hills is one of the three units of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, situated in Wheeler County, Oregon. It’s in a total of 3,132 acres (1,267 ha) and is located 9 miles (14 km) northwest of Mitchell, Oregon. This place is named after the colorful layers of its hills depending upon to various geological eras after eras, once there was a river over flood. From there the hill is originated. The hill changes color in every layer which is the most important part of its beauty.

An abundance of fossil remaining of ancient horses, camels, and rhinoceroses and many other things in the Painted Hills makes the area particularly important to spinal fossils. It’s a great place for the scientists where the found 50 million years of plant exhibit and animal’s gradual evolution and a collected about 40,000 fossils in this painted hill.

  1. Northern light (arora)

An aurora is a naturally made light comes to sight in the sky. the Latin word aurora, means “sunrise” and in the Roman it means goddess of dawn, per-eminently we can see aurora in the high latitude especially in the northern pole of the earth. that’s why its also called northern light. Aurora is usually caused by the conflicted charged gases ion on the atmosphere.

Northern Lights are normally irregularly shaped light that seems like dancing all the time. It is seen in the northern or southern pole atmosphere,. The lights is called as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north pole and ‘Aurora australis’ in the south pole and beautiful to see those lights.

If you are planning to get the best view to watch this lights then it would be in North America like in the northwestern of Canada, especially in the Yukon, then Nunavut, also Northwest Territories and Alaska.

  1. The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye, in Scotland is the place where you can find some amazing Fairy Pools. Decorated With a beautiful hiking place especially in the season of fall. Lapis lazuli Rivers with purple trees on the both side make for a phenomenal view.

  1. Milky way over Crater Lake

Crater Lake a beautiful place for watching and experiencing the milky way and its surrounding wild lands have energized people for decades to decades, because it gives the wildlife tourists the actual beauty around it’s natural beauty,

now a days, Crater Lake  draws  million visitors who come to witness its pure beauty, blue water that is so clean, to marvelous at its unique geological condition, you should pay a visit to this place and least spend a night in this lake looking towards the beautiful stars glimpse over this carter lake.

  1. Glacier icey cave iceland


The ice caves in iceland are the most amazing place to see especially for the crystal alike wall of the cave that is made of ice. Whenever you get time you must pay a visit to these glacier caves in iceland you shouldn’t be fool enough to miss the chance. Because it’s not like the caves that made by stones or rocks. It’s a total different experience. Though its beauty its also dangerous also because it not stable all the time as it changes shape due to temperature. The ice can melt any time and and can crush over.

  1. orda cave, russia

Orda Cave is a gypsum crystal cave lies beneath deep down the western Ural Mountains in Russia.the mountain is situated by the bank of Kungur river at some little distance from orda in Russia. is cave is about 5 km where 4.7 kilometers of it stretched under is known as the longest underneath water cave in the world. the cave got extraordinary beauty of it for divers and daring tourists.

  1. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

Caño Cristales Rivers in Colombia is a unique wonder of geology. Caño Cristales is known as river of colors that ran away to the earth from paradise. It’s the most beautiful river throughout the whole world. Colorful water fossils are laid upon the bed of rock beneath the river that makes it look like a colorful painting.

The water is so clear that the colorful fossils are visible along with the river bed. Not every month of a year the river is filling up with its beauty especially in between wet and dry season and depending upon the water level and the current flow of the river. At its right water level some species of plants are born that turns the river into brilliant colorful sight. If you haven’t seen it yet you have missed a lot of beautiful creation of nature

10.Panjin red beach, china

Panjin red beach, china is a beach with red plants. Beach means a sea bank with sands but panjin sea beach is naturally red for a plant named Suaeda salsa, of Chenopodiaceous. This plant starts growing big at the month of April and May. At the first stage its green normally in the summer then slowly it starts changing to its color in red in autumn. The panjin red beach is the biggest wetted red marsh sea beach in the world. This area also became a home of nearly about 270 kinds of birds and 400 kinds of animals.